Arctic Photoshoot Iceland

Arctic Photoshoot

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Iceland Photoshoot

Immerse yourself into the shimmering beauty of a breathtaking adventure in the Arctic. Experience the photo scenic horizon gracing the evening sky and capture the best of what Iceland has to offer. You will spend days in a unique landscape, enjoying picturesque sunsets and sunrises while receiving guidance and mentorship from one of the most experienced landscape photographers in Iceland.

Do not miss ice formation in winter, the swathing vastness of colour and the phenomenal of transient night stars. The fantastic beauty of the boreal forest, icy mountain tops and tundra climate join us in an arctic tour in the scenic black beaches of Iceland, cruise the waters and record an adventure worth a lifetime.

Highlights of the photo tour in Iceland

The goal of our tour is to enable you to uncover your dream photo shoot. Take credit of stunning images taken from the heart of arctic’s natural beauty, with close up expeditions of photoshoots that you would never think possible. The serious photographer will have the opportunity to picture glaciers, glacier lagoons, waterfalls, night scenes, black beaches, birdlife and ice caves.


Arctic skies are breathtaking scenes to watch. Discover a spritz of colours, meteors and quick flash lines from the north pole. On a cold northern night, you will notice the most picturesque scenes that are worth any photo album.

Magical Sky Iceland will evaluate the correct circumstances for a scenic tour in Iceland. You will love the meticulous expertise of Jon Hilmarsson who is a native Icelander.