Indian rock at lake Kleifarvatn

Aurora season is on in Iceland

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The northern light season is on a full blast in Iceland now and I am offering tours to see them.

Northern lights and a lonely tree

Northern lights and a lonely tree

Here on my website are few tips on how to prepare for a northern lights shooting, what camera gear you need to have, where to go and how you should dress for the cold weather here in Iceland


The Northern lights are a great display to watch and take pictures of and I enjoy it everytime I have the chance to go out

Angel formation in the Aurora

Angel over Akrafjall

This is one of the most famous northern light pictures ever been taken. I took this picture 2014 and you can see in the aurora form of an angel or Jesus Christ. Never miss the opportunity to go out and look for the Aurora, you never know what magical show they are going to give you.

The bridge crossing Hvita

The old and graceful bridge crossing Hvita in Borgarfjordur with Milky way, Aurora and Meteor in the background

The Milky way is also an alternative when you have clear sky but no northern lights or moon. Find something interesting in the foreground and aim for the sky, you might find the milky way up there.