I was very fortunate to be paired with Jon Hilmarsoon for a private photography workshop on my last-minute 24-hour trip to Iceland to photograph the Aurora on March 1, 2017. Jon picked me up from the airport and had organized a fully custom trip for me around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula as this was an area in Iceland that I had not yet explored during a previous trip. He knew all the best spots and angles to take the most postcard perfect shots, and taught me about which settings to use in various situations (including for the Northern Lights), as well as how to use my filters to maximize lighting during the day. When the original location we planned for shooting the Aurora started to cloud over, Jon immediately found multiple back-up sites that were just as amazing, including an abandoned house and the Black Church. I never felt rushed during the workshop – and he always made sure I took as much time as I needed to get the shots I wanted. He was also very responsive by email leading up to my trip which gave me a lot of comfort. I would definitely recommend Jon as a photo tour guide for your next trip to Iceland.

~Fazillah Durante

Ever since I got into photography and developed an interest for travel, Iceland had been on my bucket list to visit. Only a couple of weeks ago (10 April 2017) I was able to witness the surreal and glorious highlights of Icelands South and West Coast.

Jón was our guide for our full stay of five days in Iceland. He proved to have great skill in all areas required to make the tours successful for creating unique and creative photos. The information he had about each place we stopped at was detailed and interesting and he was able to answer all the questions we had very well. His skill in photography is amazing and he helped me (a photographer myself) with unique compositions, camera settings as well as (prior to the trip) what camera gear I would need and how it would help in making good photos.

The one thing I absolutely appreciated throughout the whole tour was Jón’s patience. In photography, patience is key and without it, there will be no good photos. Not once in the whole tour did Jón say “time to go” or “lets go”, everything was based on when I was ready to leave. Thus, the tours were excellent in that they were flexible and gave us as customers the choice in what we wanted to see and how long we wanted to spend at each place.

I would without a doubt, give Jón a 100% for his guiding and photography skills. I learnt a lot, enjoyed myself thoroughly and most important of all, got some “out of this world” photos.

A very big thank you Jón for making our trip even more amazing than we had ever dreamt it would be. From Harman, Pame, Sahib and Jeevna.

Oh and did I mention Jón found the Aurora Borealis for us. It was extraordinary and one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. Of course there is no guarantee you will see it, but with Jón as your guide, I believe anything is possible ?

My family and I spent 3 days in Iceland with Jon on a photo tour up and down the west coast of Iceland. His knowledge of the region and constant monitoring of the natural lighting and weather conditions helped to ensure that the areas we would go to photograph were optimal. He offered his knowledge and expertise freely to help us capture the best possible photos. We never felt rushed. If conditions were not ideal in a certain location, Jon was always open to suggestions and alternative itineraries. He went out of his way to help us see the northern lights which we were able to. We had such an enjoyable experience that we plan to go back to Iceland in the very near future and seek out Jon again for another tour. We would highly recommend Jon without reservation. Thanks for a great time Iceland! Kelly C and family.

What could be better than chatting about life as the Aurora Borealis shimmers above you? We had the pleasure of sharing a two day trip with Jon and we had a great time. His knowledge of the locations, light and the Aurora were excellent. He drove us everywhere through all sorts of weather conditions without any problems and we got all the shots we wanted and more. We are looking forward to our next trip together. Lee Cook