Different side of Kirkjufell

View of Kirkjufell

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The majestic mountain Kirkjufell at Snæfellsnes peninsula Iceland, in English called “Church Mountain” – probably given that name because of the shape and form and similarity to church. Kirkjufell is a 463m high mountain on the north coast Snæfellsnes peninsula, near the town of Grundarfjörður.

The mountain and it’s surrounding is my favourite photo location in Iceland. Every time I visit the mountain I find some new and interesting view to shoot it. Here I will show some of the pictures I have taken of the mountain, it’s waterfalls, lakes and sea around it and of course the magic in the sky – northern lights.

Kirkjufell at sunset

The mountain Kirkjufell at summer sunset with reflection in the lake

The majestic mountain Kirkjufell and Aurora reflection

The mountain Kirkjufell and its northern light reflection in the lake

Similar photo location of Kirkjufell and it’s reflection in the lake, one at summer sunset and the other in the end of March with great Aurora display.


Golden hour at Kirkjufell

Mountain Kirkjufell and its waterfalls at sunset in winter

Frozen Moments

Winter at Kirkjufells waterfalls



Whether you are coming to mountain Kirkjufell in summer or winter, you always get something new to shoot. The white and clean snow gives the mountain and it’s surrounding character and more texture, the semi frozen waterfall makes you think in creative way and new angles to shoot.

The waterfalls are on two level, the lower one gives you the opportunity to see the mountain very well up and close but the higher waterfall has more options with the sunset.


Panoramic view of Kirkjufell

Panorama of Kirkjufell and its reflection in the lake

On a cold winter day the change of finding reflection in nearby lakes are great, here you can see the mountain Kirkjufell and Brimlárhöfði in panoramic view and it’s reflection in the lake Lárvaðall.

Aurora display over Kirkjufell

Aurora display over mountain Kirkjufell, Snæfellsnes peninsula

Kirkjufell is every photographer dream to shoot when the northern light display is taking place, the angles are endless.

Kirkjufell and its waterfalls in pano

Summer sunset in panoramic view at Kirkjufell and its waterfalls

Panoramic view of the lower waterfalls and Kirkjufell at summer sunset

The perfect reflection

Reflection of mountain Kirkjufell in the lake

The perfect moment, total stillness and clear water on the west side of Kirkjufell giving perfect reflection on a cold winter day.