Majestic mountain Vestrahorn and its reflection in the wet beach sand

Mountain Vestrahorn

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Vestrahorn is one of Iceland’s most beautiful mountains a 454 metre tall scree mountain, mainly made up of gabbro and granophyre rocks. The Stokksnes peninsula on its west side locks in seawater by the land, so it’s possible to get some great shots of the mountain mirrored in the calm seawater, that’s almost like a big lagoon, but varies in size with the tide. The interesting thing with this mountain is that you don’t see it until you are there, it’s hidden at the edge of the peninsula – makes the mountain even more great when you have it suddenly in front of you in all its glory.

Vestrahorn and its reflection

Vestrahorn and its reflection from a pond not far away – look for them during summer time.

The mountain is a photographers dream, you have endless possibilities to photograph it. Calm weather and high tide gives you the chance to get perfect reflection from the wet sand during summer time, you can also get reflection from the long waves hitting the beach, the grass tops are unique to play around and then you have also some ponds, waves, rocks …. – the possibilities are endless.

Vestrahorn pano. Award picture from photo contest summer 2017

Vestrahorn pano. Award picture from photo contest summer 2017 – made of two pictures.

One of the first settlement farms in Iceland was Horn, built by Hrollaugur Earl of Møre in Norway. The municipality Hornafjörður and several nature site are named after the settlement farm. Horn means the same thing in Icelandic and English.

Mountain Vestrahorn at wintertime

Mountain Vestrahorn at wintertime – reflection come from the long waves hitting the beach during winter. The white coated mountain looks great and totally different at winter.

East of the mountain is a strange-shaped outcrop called Brunnhorn that stretches out to sea.

Sun halo at Batman mountain

Sun halo at Batman mountain / Brunnhorn, seen from the east side.

In the Second World War the Horn area became a base for the British army and later a NATO radar station was set up at Stokksnes, south of Horn. At Stokksnes you can feel the power of the Atlantic Ocean as the waves hit the rocky shore with massive force.

Aurora pano at Vestrahorn

Aurora pano at Vestrahorn – picture made of three pictures