Northern lights and a lonely tree

Northern lights in Iceland

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The Aurora is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena known to mankind. It‘s many hues flash and burn across the night skies of the Earth‘s Polar Regions. The Aurora seemingly appears from nowhere, beginning as a faint glow of greenish light that gradually forms rays, arcs and curtains of red, blue and purple hues across the sky. The colours slowly fade away only to reappear. This process, known as Aurora display is repeated several times. The phenomenon is known as Aurora Borealis in the Northern Hemisphere. The Aurora Borealis is usually seen in the Arctic region but sometimes may stretch further south.

The Aurora display repeats itself at intervals of 1-3 hours several times during the night. Auroras can be calm, active or pulsating – the most common being the calm or quiet type.

Iceland is a great place to see the northern lights during the winter, the landscape can give you nice forground for the picture and you dont have to drive very far to find a nice spot to capture the lights.


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