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Magical Sky Iceland offer various photo tours as you can see on the website. We can also offer different tours and package tours / workshops.

Ever thought of enlivening your journey with private photography tours in Iceland? Not just one, but we are presenting you with 5 reasons to book Iceland photo tours today. Travelling is all about exploring new places and storing them in your memories. Since photography plays a crucial role in capturing the best details and enjoying a memorable trip, there is no better way than an arctic photo tour or landscape photo tours Iceland for your splendid journey. Five reasons to book private photo tours in Iceland are:

#1 Photo tours are perfect for those who wish to explore the picturesque side of Iceland.
#2 You enjoy the tour with like-minded, passionate photographers like you.
#3 Iceland photo tour is being led by an experienced photographer.
#4 In landscape photo tours, you practice while you explore and learn.
#5 You broaden your visual awareness and use your camera to compose your personal vision.

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We can also help you with your own tour, put together itinerary with different photo locations and suggestions for accommodation.