Northern Light tour – Evening Photo Tour

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s great displays, a free, multi-coloured light show that is most commonly seen in the Arctic regions. Every performance is different, a beautiful, shifting dance of nocturnal rainbows that many viewers find a humbling and spiritually uplifting experience.
The Northern Lights tour in Iceland takes you to see a spectacular natural phenomenon which happens during the winter months. Northern Lights in Iceland are visible during the winter months, from beginning of September to the end of April.
We will decide, on travel day, where to go, after considering both the aurora forecast and cloud cover to maximise your chances of seeing them in all their glory on Photo tour Northern Lights.

What are the Northern Lights?
The mesmeric lights are formed from fast-moving, electrically charged particles that emanate from the sun. These are driven towards the Poles by the Earth’s magnetic field and their varying colours are a result of the different gases in the upper atmosphere. In the northern hemisphere, they are known as the aurora borealis and hang above the planet in an oval-shaped halo. The lights also have their southern counterpart above Antarctica, the aurora Australis, but the principal audience for this is penguins. The different colours are due to different molecules, oxygen forms the most common one, yellow/green and nitrogen produces blue/purple-red for instance.

Terms and what is included and not:

  • Availability: Wintertime, from beginning of September till the end of April.
  • Duration: Evening, around 4 hours.
  • Departure: 20:00
  • Price: $600 per car (4×4 with seats for 4 max pax). Prices are fixed for the northern light-tours, with max 4 participants to share the cost. Tours include transportation by a 4×4 car/fuel, guiding and northern light photography assistants. As this is a private tour we can flex and change the schedule if you have special wishes as to locations etc.
  • Pickup and dropoff in the Reykjavik area
  • Hot chocolate and chocolate biscuit
  • Feel free to send your request about availability and questions to:
  • We understand plans can change. So be assured that there will be a full refund for cancellation up to 30 days before your tour.

Bring with you, not included:

  • Your photo gear and sturdy tripod
  • Warm clothes, cloves and hats and hiking shoes

Pictures of the Northern lights: