Snæfellsnes Peninsula – One Day Photo Tour

The Snæfellsnes is a peninsula situated to the west of Borgarfjörður, in west part of Iceland. The Peninsula is a photographer’s paradise, has been named Iceland in minature, because many national sights can be found in the area. The peninsula is surrounded by sea with beautiful cliff formations, small picturesque fishing villages, waterfalls and endless lava fields. The Snæfellsnes peninsula is built from eruptions for thousands of years, leaving behind craters and volcanoes all the way to the big one, the Snæfellsjökull it self. The Snæfellsjökull volcano, regarded as one of the symbols of Iceland. With its height of 1446 m, it is the highest mountain on the peninsula and has a glacier at its peak. The mountain is also known as the setting of the novel Journey to the Center of the Earth by the French author Jules Verne. We will tour around the peninsula and visit great photo locations for Photo tour Snaefellsnes. The weather and the length of daylight can affect how long we stop at each location and also how many places we stop at.

Places to visit, depends on time and weather if we can see them all:


There are only 3 black churches in Iceland and one of them is situated on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. There is some kind of a mystical feeling visiting this church, surrounded with lava fields so close to the ocean.

Arnarstapi - Gatklettur

Small fishing village at the foot of mount Stapafell with sea stack standing out in the sea and beautiful harbour. Gatklettur - Arch Rock - is a cliff with a circular arch. Rock Arch shows how distinctive wave action has eroded the rocks into arches and beautiful swirled patterns. There is great birdlife around the cliffs and pretty flora surrounding the area.


The Lóndrangar are a pair of rock pinnacles in Iceland. They are volcanic plugs of basalt, that have been hewn out from softer surrounding rock by erosion. At 75 and 61 m tall, they are a singular sight, rising above and outside the ocean front due east across from Malarrif and some 10 km from Hell-nar, on the southern coast of Snæfellsnes peninsula. History has it that the taller of the cliffs was ascended in 1735, while the smaller one was not climbed until 1938. The Lóndrangar are remnants from a bigger crater which has mostly eroded away. It is reckoned that the rock in the slopes of nearby Svalþúfa is an isolated part of the original rim around the crater itself, with the rest eroded away by the sea. There are many bird nest s in the steep slopes of the twin towers and birds which can be observed are black-legged kittiwake, common murre, puffin and northern fulmar.


Djúpalón´s nature is breathtakingly gorgeous, where the black lava meets the sea and creates troll-like rock formations and finely dark sanded stone beaches. The environment here is incredibly powerful and leaves no-one untouched. Great for photography specially when the waves are hitting the lava rocks.

Saxhóls lighthouse and Black Sea cliffs

Svörtuloft is a lighthouse and a four-kilometer long cliff. Every interesting locations specially when the waves are hitting the black sea cliffs. The formation of the cliff is quite spectacular as they are dark and black lava cliffs. An excellent viewing panel was put up by the cliffs not long ago for a better and secure view of the most interesting part of the cliff. The natural arch by the lighthouse is a spectacular part of the cliff, and with the stack that stands up from the sea line, the sight and experience are great. The area offers a great view and fascinating oppor-tunities for photographing, from the lower island you’ll be able to see the Reynisdrangar sea stacks, off Reynisfjara beach.Straight ahead you will then have the impressive arch and rock. A charming lighthouse also stands at Dyrholaey, built in 1927.

Mt. Kirkjufell

Kirkjufell (Church Mountain) is a 463 m high moun-tain on the north coast of Iceland’s Snæfellsnes peninsula, near the town of Grundarfjörður. It is claimed to be the most photographed mountain in the country. Kirkjufell was one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones season 6 and 7, featuring as the “arrowhead mountain” that the Hound and the compa-ny north of the Wall see when capturing a wight. The Kirkjufellsá river with its beautiful waterfalls make a magnificent foreground for this majestic mountain creating a perfect combo in all conditions. During winter time this location is ideal for fantastic northern light scenes.

Abandoned houses and lava fields

Abandoned houses and lava fields can be found at the pen-insula and can be great photographic locations.

Note: Due to weather and limited daylight during winter time the itinerary can vary between days. We evaluate circumstances and take the best-informed decision possible

Terms and what is included and not:
• Availability: All year
• Duration: April through October, 10-12 hours. November through March, 8-10 hours.
• Departure: 8.00 am.
• Price: $990 per car (4×4 with seats for 4 max pax). Prices are fixed for the day-tours, with max 4 participants to share the cost. Tours include transportation by a 4×4 car/fuel, guiding and landscape photography assistants. As this is a private tour we can flex and change the schedule if you have special wishes as to locations etc.
• Crampons and rubber boots are provided
• Pickup and dropoff in the Reykjavik area
• Feel free to send your request about availability and questions to: or call: +354 895-6364
Not included:
• Food and beverages. We will stop on the way for lunch and snacks.
Bring with you:
• Your photo gear, sturdy tripod and filters
• Warm clothes, cloves and hats and hiking shoes

Pictures from Snæfellsnes: