Day tours and Northern lights

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Day tours and Northern lights

Discover a unique opportunity of experiencing nocturnal colours in an emotionally uplifting scenario. Join our photography workshops in Iceland and enjoy the envied northern light tour and the charming golden circle. Nature’s captivating imagery and the beauty of iconic landmarks will make your tour to Iceland one of the most unforgettable experience. Our trips are magical and are meant to help you explore attractive features in the Arctic. Various day tours and the Northern light tour will help you uncover the most profound secrets hidden beneath the heart of Iceland.

My fully customized trip will enable you to have enough insight into Iceland’s terrain, and a spectacular view of the Northern light is a beautiful winter phenomenon that displays a colourful scene of nature’s different aesthetics. The Northern tour is meant to help you discover this pristine beauty in the heart of a deserved photography workshop. Iceland’s winter begins in September and ends in April. It is between this period that you can witness the northern light but depending on a night’s cloud cover. Generally called an aurora to refer to both northern light and southern light, the lights predominantly result from the collision of charged gas particles. The particles are usually released from the atmosphere of the sun. At the north, this light is known as the aurora borealis.

From shades of violet, yellow, green, blue and red, to pale displays of pink and green. You will fall in love with the different variations that the night sky has to present. The various forms appear in a plethora of forms, from eerie scatters of cloud lights, rippling curtains of shooting light, to glowing rays that light up the sky during the dead of night.

The best place to watch the Northern light is from the Northern hemisphere. Especially from Iceland and Norway. Scientists have proved that the best places to witness the northern light scene are from areas that haven’t been polluted by artificial light.

Aurora borealis dates back to Roman mythology claiming origin from the Roman Goddess of Dawn in medieval Europe. Although this is not much to go by, delving into the experience of witnessing the aurora is perhaps a close up on what it meant to believe in the impossible.

The Golden Circle is a magical tour towards Iceland’s most stunning feature. Spectacular views of the Geysir Geothermal area that shoots a high column of up to 98 ft of water into thin air. The shooting from the geothermal happens after every 4-8 minutes from what is considered the most strange force happenings in the universe. The tour will enable you to watch the highlights of the Golden falls that plunge into a 105 ft crevice. You will also tour Thingvellir National Park and note the geological wonder of two tectonic plates pulling from each other some centimetres apart after every few years.