Published Photobooks

I started taking pictures seriously in the year 2007 when I was living and working in Skagafjordur, north part of Iceland. From that time I have several exhibitions and two books published. These book can be ordered and shipped all over the world through this website, just send email to: for price and shipping cost to your home.

2009:“Out on the east part” Photo exhibition in Hofsos with Gunnari Frey Steinssyni
2010:“Northern lights in Skagafjordur, exhibition in Saudarkrokur / Skagafjordur”
2010:“Beauty in the Fjord”. Exhibition with Valdísi Brynju Hálfdánardóttur. Held at the summer festival in Hofsos.
2011:Publication of the photobook “Light and nature of Skagafjordur”
2011:“Light and Nature of Skagafjordur” Exhibition held in Hofsos and Saudarkrokur / Skagafjordur.
2011: “Light and Nature of Skagafjordur” Exhibition held in Reykjavik and Keflavik – autumn festival / Light of the night.
2012:“Landscape and nature of north west” Exhibition held in Skagaströnd with Arnar Viggosson.
2012: “Landscape and nature of north west” Exhibition held in Hofsos and Blonduos at summer festival.
2012:“Landscape and nature of north west” Exhibition held in Keflavik at Ljósanótt, autumn festival
2013:Publication on my second photobook “Light and Nature of North west”
2014:“Light and Nature of the west” Exhibiton held in Hvalfjordur at summer festival.
2014:“Light and Nature” Exhibition held at Ljósanótt in Keflavík, autumn festival.
2015: “Light and Nature of the west” Exhibiton held in the lighthouse in Akranes.
2016:Exhibtion held in Akranes and Borgarnes “Magical Sky” premiere of the timelapse movie
“Magical Sky”

Light and Nature of Skagafjörður

Jón moved to Skagafjordur in the autumn 2005. He became charmed by the landscape and countryside of Skagafjordur and the influence of the ever changing variety of light and colour.
Although harbouring an interest in photography for some time, moving to Skagafjordur was the catalyst for taking his hobby seriously and investing in the finest equipment.
He spent more than four years capturing with his lens natures ever changing tapestry in the Skagafjordur country side, catching fleeting moments when land and light merge together in undisclosed harmony.
Light and nature presents the vision how Jon sees Skagafjordur through his lens. he captures the beauty and individuality of the area, its nature and charm, far from the bustle of civilisation.
Along with the photobook is a CD included from Alexandra Chernyshova, soprano and Jóns wife. This was Alexandra’s third CD – You and only You. The songs are a mixture of well know songs, ballads and romantic songs which she arranged herself. Listen to her CD and enjoy to the full her expression, range and lyricism.

Light and Nature of North West

The author Jón R. Hilmarsson published the photobook “Light and Nature of Skagafjörður” in the year of 2011. That book got positive reviews for its quality and innovative photographical approach. This book is a natural continuance of his last book. The author´s horizon has broadened and his gaze now turns to the North West region of Iceland.
In Light and Nature of the North West – Iceland, the author attempts to highlight interesting landscape, nature and known landmarks. Often the subject is approached during the twilight, when land and light merge together in undisclosed harmony. At those moments unbelievable things can happen in nature which give the photos more variety and diversity in frame and color.
The book, which consists of 121 photos of the North West, has been in progress over the last three years. Jon lived in Skagafjordur until mid year 2012, so the author usually did not have to travel far to capture beautiful photographic moments. Photos in the book were taken at all times of the day, in all seasons, and both on and above land.