Jón Hilmarsson is a native Icelander, landscape and nature photographer, loves the northern lights and tries different technic capturing them – panorama, vertorama and time lapse.
Jón started taking photography seriously 2006 and since then he has held numerous exhibitions all over Iceland and published two photo books – „Light and Nature of Skagafjörður“ and Light and Nature of the North West“
He has been recognised and awarded internationally for his work. His pictures has been published all over the world in newspapers, magazines and various books.
Jón has a great passion for photography and travelling, he attempts to highlight interesting landscape, nature and known landmarks. Often the subject is approached during the twilight, when land and light merge together in undisclosed harmony.

With this website I am both introducing myself as a landscape and nature photographer and also the service I am providing as a photo guide in Iceland. You can see on the site various offers for day tours, northern light tours and custom made tours. You can also browse through the picture gallery and if you are interested in buy a pictures from me, feel free to contact for price and shipping options.

I have larger selection of my pictures on flickr: www.flickr.com/jonrrr

General information:

  • Name of the Company: Magical Sky Iceland / DreamVoices ehf
  • Jón Hilmarsson, photographer and photo guide
  • Id number: 611207-4330.
  • VAT / tax nr.: 108142.    
  • Address: Guðnýjarbraut 21, 260 Reykjanesbær, Iceland
  • Tel (mobile): + 354 895 6364
  • e-mail: jonhilmarsson.photography@gmail.com
  • Homepage: www.magicalskyiceland.com
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonhilmarssonphotography/

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Canon 5D mark 3 and 4, Canon lenses; 16-35mm II f/2.8, 16-35mm f/4, 24-70mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1,8 and 70-200mm IS f/2,8, Set of Lee Filters and few steady and handy tripods.


2016 – 2018: MBA, masterdegree in business and administration from the University of Iceland.
2005 – 2010: M.Ed, masterdegree in running educational institutions.
2000 – 2004: B.Sc, bachelor degree in business and administration.
1989 – 1992: B.Ed, bacherlor degree in education.
Mostly self taught in Photography and post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop

Exhibitions, awards and Publication:

• 2016 Exhibition „Light and Nature of the West“ in Borgarnes Library gallery – dec/jan.
• 2016: Exhibition and premiere on the timelapse movie „Magical Sky Iceland“ at „Vökudagar“ festival in Akranes – oct/nov
• 2015: Exhibiton in the Lighthouse in Akranes, various pictures from the west part of Iceland
• 2015: Third place in photo contest in Iceland „Landvernd, Icelandic Environment Association” – The waterfall Aldeyjarfoss: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonrrr/14559869622/in/album-72157649274704450/
• 2015: Article and pictures in Daily Mail of Northern Lights pictures I took in the end of February 2014 showing Angel formation in the Aurora. Without a doubt one of most wellknown northern light pictures in the world:
• 2014: Photo Exhibtion in Keflavík at the festival „Ljósanótt / Night of the Lights“ – sept.
• 2014: Photo Exhibition in Hvalfjörður/festival, the theme was the Whalefjord and the west part of Iceland – august.
• 2013: First place in the winter photo contest of the national newpaper Fréttablaðið, „Northern lights over mountain ridge Skarðsheiði“: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonrrr/10657550266/in/album-72157664494101756/
• 2013: First place in the Christmas photo contest of national Power Company „Orkusalan“, Northern lights over Christmas house: https://www.facebook.com/Orkusalan/photos/a.622613161137461.1073741830.147463288652453/622613177804126/?type=3&theater
• 2013: Publishing of the book „Light and Nature of North West“. – nov. https://www.facebook.com/Ljós-og-náttúra-Norðurlands-vestra-658309774257729/
• 2012: Photo Exhibition in Skagaströnd with Arnar Viggósson, the theme „Landscape and Nature of North West“. – spring.
• 2012: Photo Exhibition in Hofsós at Mid summer festival „Jónsmessuhátíð“ and in Blönduós at summer festival „Húnavaka“. The theme „Landscape and Nature of North West“. – summer.
• 2012: Photo Exhibition in Keflavík at autumn festival „Ljósanótt / Night of the lights“, the theme „Landscape and Nature of North West“. – sept.
• 2011: Photo Exhibition in Keflavík at autumn festival „Ljósanótt / Night of the lights“, the theme „Light and Nature of Skagafjörður“.
• 2011: Photo Exhibition in Skagafjörður/Sauðárkrókur at spring festival „Sæluvika“, the theme „Light and Nature of Skagafjörður“. – spring.
• 2011: Publishing of the book „Light and Nature of Skagafjörður“. – spring
• 2010: Photo Exhibition in Skagafjörður / Sauðárkrókur at spring festival „Sæluvika“, the theme „Northern light in Skagafjörður“ – spring.
• 2010: Photo Exhibition in Hofsós at Mid summer festival „Jónsmessuhátíð“ with Valdís Brynja Hálfánardóttir, the theme „Beauty in the fjord“ – summer.
• 2009: Photo Exhibition in Hofsós at Mid summer festival „Jónsmessuhátíð“ with photographer Gunnar Freyr Steinsson, the theme „On the East Side“. – summer.

Awards and Publication