Icelandic horses
Icelandic horses
The Golden Circle tour allows you to visit some of Iceland’s most stunning sights, starting with the National park Thingvellir – lava fields and canyons, hot spring area with spouting Strokkur and iconic waterfalls like Gullfoss.
National Park Thingvellir:
Þingvellir (Thingvellir) is a historic site and national park in Iceland, east of Reykjavík. It’s known for the Alþing (Althing), the site of Iceland’s parliament from the 10th to 18th centuries. On the site are the Þing-vellir Church and the ruins of old stone shelters. The park sits in a rift valley caused by the separation of 2 tectonic plates, with rocky cliffs and fissures like the huge Almannagjá fault.
One of Icelands most beautiful waterfalls, small waterfall but great texture to shot on Photo tour of Golden Circle. The waterfall is little bit in a remote destination offering a series of small, rambling waterfalls seemingly bright blue in color - The bluest waterfall in Iceland. The glacial river Brúará falls 2-3m, ending in a U-turn at the base of the waterfall, where the river is concentrated into a deep crevice that runs through the centre of dark volcanic rock formations. This creates sky-blue rapids that almost defy the imagination—and the vistas are made all the more beautiful by the surrounding, lush green flora, which provides a stark contrast to the flowing water. Brúarfoss makes up just a small part of Brúará, whose origins lie in the mighty Hvita river which runs from the glacier Langjökull.
Hot Spring area, Geysir / Strokkur:
Strokkur is the primary feature of the Haukadalur valley and the main reason why it is one of the most visited sites in the country. While Geysir keeps quiet, Strokkur erupts every 6-7 min 25-40m boiling hot water. The natural beauty of the area is shaped by the forces of the earth; fumaroles, hot-springs, mud-pits and other little geysers are littered around, and the ground itself is dyed vividly by elements such as sulfur (yellow), copper (green) and iron (red).
Gullfoss (the Golden waterfall) is one of Iceland’s most iconic and beloved waterfalls, found in the Hvítá river canyon. The water in Hvítá river travels from the glacier Langjökull, before cascading 32 meters (105 feet) down Gullfoss’ two stages in a dramatic display of nature’s raw power. Because of the waterfall’s two stages, Gullfoss should actually be thought of as two separate features. The first, shorter cascade is 11 me-tres (36 feet), whilst the second drop is 21 metres (69 feet). The canyon walls on both sides of the waterfall reach heights of up to 70 metres (230 feet), descend-ing into the great Gullfossgjúfur canyon. Geologists believe that this canyon was formed by glacial out-bursts at the beginning of the last age.
Waterfall Faxi:
The Faxi waterfall (also referred to as Vatnsleysu-foss) is a wide waterfall and kind of a smaller ver-sion of Gullfoss. The This waterfall flowed on the river Tungufljót, which was fed by glaciers and other streams from the highlands of the interior of Iceland. The best thing about this waterfall is that you can be very close to it, touch it if you want - and get great pictures from that angle.
Crater Kerið:
Kerið, is a 55 m deep volcanic crater, about 3000 years old. It is a part of a group of volcanic hills called Tjarnarhólar, and is now filled with water, creating a lake whose steep circular slopes resemble an ancient amphitheatre. It is thought that Kerid was once a cone volcano that erupted, depleted all its mag-ma, and then collapsed under the magma’s weight.

Note: Due to weather and limited daylight during winter time the itinerary can vary between days. We evaluate circumstances and take the best-informed decision possible
Terms and what is included and not:
• Availability: All year
• Duration: April through October, 10-12 hours. November through March, 6-8 hours.
• Departure: 8.00/9:00 am.
• Price: $990 per car (4×4 with seats for 4 max pax). Prices are fixed for the day-tours, with max 4 partici-pants to share the cost. Tours include transportation by a 4×4 car/fuel, guiding and landscape photography assistants. As this is a private tour we can flex and change the schedule if you have special wishes as to locations etc.
• Crampons and rubber boots are provided
• Pickup and dropoff in the Reykjavik area
• Feel free to send your request about availability and questions to:
or call: +354 895-6364
Not included:
• Food and beverages. We will stop on the way for lunch and snacks.
Bring with you:
• Your photo gear, sturdy tripod and filters
• Warm clothes, cloves and hats and hiking shoes
Golden Circle on the south part of Iceland

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